Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia

Who We Are and What We Do

  • The AUW ERC consists of AUW faculty members and a student representative.  The faculty members should represent the arts and sciences in equal proportions.  The committee should include at least one member each of the following divisions:

    • The arts, humanities, and social sciences faculty
    • The math and sciences faculty

    The committee members will perform their role according to the following terms of reference.  The AUW ERC role is to foster ethical treatment of human research participants and experimental research animals used in class activities and research.  The AUWIRB performs its role by reviewing and approving the methods and procedures that are proposed in faculty and student research, senior theses, independent research projects conducted outside the classroom and class projects.  Before data collection can begin or animals can be used in a class activity or research project, the IRB must approve the proposal.

    The AUW ERC committee members will be selected through a process of self-nomination and voting by peers.  Therefore, faculty representatives will be selected by self-nominations from the arts and the sciences followed by voting by the whole faculty; and the student representative will be selected by self-nominations from the UG3 or UG4 classes, followed by election by the AUW Student Government.  The number of committee members should always be an odd number to prevent stalemates in decisions.  The committee shall name a chair.  AUW community members who wish to communicate with the AUW ERC will use the committee’s email address:

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