Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • AUW ERC  recognizes the importance to uphold respect for privacy and confidentiality in research.  In AUW, any research that requires involvement of human participants needs to ensure full confidentiality, subject to legal limitations.  Any disclosure or sharing of human participants’ identity specific information will only be considered for academic or legal reasons.  To the greatest extent possible, as determined on a case by case basis, disclosure will not be allowed without the prior consent of the concerned participants or someone authorized on their behalf.  While sharing any research information with a third party, an AUW researcher needs to make sure that none of the human participants or institutions will be exposed to any form of hardship or discrimination due to taking part in the research.  Any AUW researcher also needs to guarantee the different levels of privacy which must be in place for any proprietary data analysis involving multiple access levels, e.g. the schools vs. the students in the schools

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