Dr.Selim Reza

Selim Reza

Dr.Selim Reza, Assistant Professor in Development Studies

PhD in labour migration and precarious employment, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia
Commonwealth Fellowship in Research Communications, University of Sussex, UK
Master of Social Sciences in International Relations (first class, first position), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Bachelor of Social Sciences in International Relations, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Selim Reza is Assistant Professor in Development Studies at AUW and teachesDevelopment Studies Minor Program coursessince Fall 2018. He previously taught social justice, socio-legal studies, and sociological research methods at Flinders University, Australia. His PhD at Flinders University, Australia is currently under examination. He has a Masters (first class, first position) and Bachelor in International Relations from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.Selim is a labor migration expert with special research interests in recruitment practices and precarious employment of internal as well as international migrant workers. He has extensive field-based research experiences. Earlier he worked as a researcher for the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh, University of Sussex in the UK and the World Bank.He also held Commonwealth Fellowship at the University of Sussex in the UK and Academic Internship at Flinders University, Australia.



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Selim’s research interests spanlabor migration and employment relations issues that are theoretically founded in the political economy of migrant labor and contingent employment practices in the age of neoliberalism. He researches how globalisation and its repercussions on the work society lead to a precariat existence of the migrant laborers in the contemporary world. He is interested to further his research in growing inequalities and exploitation of the migrant laborers, as a working class, within the neoliberal economic and social model.


Peer-reviewed journal article

(2016) Hyper-individualized recruitment: Rural-urban labor migration and precarious construction work in Bangladesh. Migration, Mobility, & Displacement, 2(2), 40-61.

(This publication was awarded the ‘Best Research Higher Degree Student Publications Award 2016’at Flinders University, Australia)


Policy briefs

(2014) Emic perspectives on brokering international migration for construction from Bangladesh to Qatar (with CRAbrar, PriyaDeshingkar, Mirza Taslima Sultana, andKaziNurmohammadHossainulHaque), Publisher: Migrating out of Poverty Consortium, University of Sussex, UK.


(2014) Internal migrant workers and the construction sector in Bangladesh: Tackling informality and exploitative labor practices (with C R Abrar), Publisher: Migrating out of Poverty Consortium, University of Sussex, UK.


(2014) Labor migration from Bangladesh 2013: Achievements and challenges (with Tasneem Siddiqui), Publisher: RMMRU, Dhaka.


Policy background paper

(2013) Migration Sector in Bangladesh; The World Bank Dhaka Office, Dhaka.


Empirical research reports

(2016) Migration industry: Recruitment of Bangladeshi construction sector workers (with C R Abrar, PriyaDeshingkar, Mirza Taslima Sultana, and KaziNurmohammadHossainulHaque),commissioned by the Migrating out of Poverty Consortium, University of Sussex, UK.


(2014) Institutional strengthening of the office of Labor Attaché: Research findings from Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka (assisted the lead researchers and drafted some sections on Bangladesh), commissioned by the Migrating out of Poverty Consortium, University of Sussex, UK.


(2013) Impact of migration on poverty: The case of construction workers of India, Nepal and Bangladesh (with C R Abrar),commissioned by the Migrating out of Poverty Consortium, University of Sussex, UK.


(2013) Labor migration trends and patterns: Bangladesh, India, and Nepal 2013 (assisted in data analysis and report writing), commissioned by The Asia Foundation, Nepal.


(2012) Climate change induced migration in Bangladesh (assisted the lead researcher), Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit, University of Dhaka with support of Sussex Centre for Migration Research (SCMR), UK and Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN).


Magazine articles

(2014) Global food business and multinational companies (in Bangla), Publisher: Sangskriti, Dhaka.


(2013) Climate change induced migration: future challenges and opportunities for Bangladesh, Publisher: The Foreign Affairs Insights and Reviews (FAIR), Issue no. 4; Volume no. 1; Dhaka.


Daily newspaper articles in Bangla

(2014) Construction work: recruitment and precariousness; Daily BhorerKagoj; 28 November, Dhaka.


(2014) Globalisation or precarious labor?;Daily BhorerKagoj; 11 December, Dhaka.


(2014) The need for good recruitment practise to tackle irregular migration through sea; Daily BhorerKagoj; 18 December, Dhaka.


(2014) The need for transparent and realistic recruitment framework; Daily BonikBarta; 18 December, Dhaka.


(2014) Thinking migration; Daily BonikBarta; 28 July, Dhaka.


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