Dr Helen Delfeld

Dr Helen Delfeld

Dr Helen Delfeld, Associate Professor
Ph.D in Political Science


Dr. Helen Delfeld joined AUW as an associate professor in the 2017-2018 school year. Previously, she has taught at several prominent US universities, including Rutgers University (where she earned her doctorate as well) and the College of Charleston. Her doctorate is in political science, with focuses on gender, human rights, and comparative politics/international relations.




Foundations of Politics
Introduction to International Relations Theory
Gender and Development
Gender, Justice, and War
Conflict Resolution



Helen’s research focuses on how human rights provision actually “works”.  Her first book, Human Rights and the Hollow State delves into the complexities that ensue when relying on states to be authentic human rights actors. Her current project focuses on the distortions that reliance on tourist dollars produces in the human rights/NGO sector in Cambodia.



Authored Books

Human Rights and the Hollow State New York: Routledge

Book Chapters, etc

The Nation and the Hollow State: Imaginary of the Nation-State; Reality of Grassroots Governance” in Post Crisis States Transformation: Rethinking the Foundations of the State, eds. ClaskeDijkema, KarineGatelier, Ivan Samson and JosianeTercinet, Brussells: Bruylant


Journal Articles

“Making NGOs More Transparent”. Human Rights Review





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