CTS Archived Event-IDEA Faculty Training

Event: IDEA Faculty Training
Date: 3rd April 2017, Monday
Time: 12.30 – 1.30 pm
Venue: H 402, AUW
Facilitated by: Dr Herman Salton, Associate Professor of PPE & Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, AUW

Ahead of the Semester end, the University will conduct regular course evaluations, resuming the IDEA course survey system. In this connection, there will be an IDEA Faculty Training for the first-time users as per following schedule. All other faculty members, who are interested to refresh, are also welcome to join.

Please also consult the following information concerning IDEA Evaluation

Timeline for IDEA Evaluation:
The IDEA software runs to a specific timeline, which must be followed by faculty and by students.

March 22
System set-up completed

March 23 – April 4
Faculty are required to fill out course information in the IDEA system; they will receive a link to do so

April 3
12:30 – 13:30 Faculty Training (for first-time users and all who wish to refresh)

April 9 – 20
All students to complete the online survey; will receive a link to do so

Required participation:
Completing the IDEA course evaluations is a standard requirement for both faculty and students. For faculty, non-compliance will lead to disciplinary sanctions, whereas for students, to the denial of transcripts and graduation diplomas.

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