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Info Session on Higher Education in Europe

Sep 21, 2017

The second event of the semester, “Presentation on Higher Education in Europe” was organized by CDIP on September 21, with an overwhelming participation of around hundred students from diverse academic levels. The session was conducted by Mr. Mohibul Islam, who is currently pursuing his PhD at University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium majoring in Business and Economics with a focus on ‘Capital Market’. He also has a Masters in Finance from Umea University in Sweden.

Mr. Islam opened the session with a question, “Why Study Abroad?” where students voiced different perspectives on the matter. He then moved on to sharing his learning from his study abroad experiences. With a click of humor, he narrated how he mistook sugar for salt in a supermarket in Japan, explaining how studying and living abroad not only teaches you to navigate challenges that arise in everyday life, but also grooms you into an individual with a profound array of knowledge about the world. He further proceeded to provide detailed information about universities in different countries of Europe, their fee structures, scholarship availabilities, eligibility requirements, and enrollment deadlines.



After an hour long session, Mr. Islam opened the floor for questions. “What are the steps towards earning a scholarship?” “Is graduating with a thesis an added advantage while applying for European Universities?” “Are there language requirements?”  Students posed questions ranging from scholarship availabilities, to the requirement of English proficiency tests, to emotional stress of going through the application process.  “Initially it is difficult. But you have to try until you succeed.” Mr. Islam ended on an encouraging note, referencing how his failed attempts in the past fueled tremendous drive in him to achieve higher feat.

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The Center for Career Development and International Programs (CDIP) is organizing more engagements this SY 2017-2018 through strategic partnerships, mentorships, leadership & career development workshops and professional exposures, among others. For more information, or to start a partnership with AUW CDIP, email cdip@auw.edu.bd.