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The Pathways Extra Curricular Showcase

Dec 12, 2017

The Pathways Extra Curricular Showcase night was the exciting  culmination of a Fall Semester’s Extra Curricular  Activities (ECA)   

Outside of their regular  class schedules  students had been busy making , creating , practicing and developing  projects ranging from   story to song , recitation to research and  diorama to drama all underpinned by the theme of the changing role of women.

All 110 Pathways students participated  and a judging panel  awarded prizes to the best  presentation and the best wall poster . It was a difficult decision for the judges with 14 wall posters of high presentation quality with high impact messaging to choose from . There were also  14 varied and excellent  presentations which engaged a lively audience for a full 2 hours. A superbly crafted diorama and a  feisty  gritty drama  jointly won the prizes. Above all it was an educating and engaging   evening  in which everybody was able to channel their skills , passion and creativity into an area in which the participants are living and breathing on a daily basis in their   AUW lives – the changing role of women.