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Former Dutch Parliamentarian and AUW Professor, Kathleen Ferrier, Speaks on Social Work, Politics, and Teaching with The Daily Star

From New York to Chittagong, it is 7,980 miles. There are no direct flights. To get to Chittagong from New York (or other big international cities), you either have to go to one of the Middle Eastern hubs or Bangkok. Yet, the long distance and the demands of such travel have not trimmed the interest of an array of scholars, writers, and activists who continue to visit AUW to help with the teaching that most faculty on the ground are unable to undertake.


Professor Anne Becker from Harvard Medical School has taught courses on women’s mental health at AUW. Jennifer Widom from Stanford University has run workshops on Big Data and Design Thinking & Collaborative Problem Solving. Professors from Trento University have taught literature and so on.


These short visits, generally no longer than two weeks, have enriched AUW teaching in many ways and have also inspired the visiting teachers to see how their work might have a signicant impact on the lives of women throughout Asia and the Middle East.


The Daily Star, Bangladesh’s most widely circulated English newspaper, wrote a feature on Kathleen Ferrier – a human rights educator, former Member of the Dutch Parliament, and daughter of the first President of Surinam – who serves as Visiting Professor of the Practice for Global Human Rights. Every year Kathleen spends two weeks teaching an intense yet highly popular course on global human rights.


Click the link to read the article “From professorship to politics.”