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Information session by Debra Efroymson

Oct 10, 2017

On October 10, 2017, Ms. Debra Efroymson, co-founder and advisor at Institute of Wellbeing, Bangladesh (IWB) visited AUW for an information session on IWB and to initiate the on-campus recruitment of interns for the winter 2017. Ms. Efroymson is also the author of the book Beyond Apologies: Defining and Achieving an Economics of Wellbeing, where she addresses thirteen major myths about economics.

Ms. Efroymson began the session by redefining economics and highlighted that economics should be used to promote and establish equality. “The world does not need billionaires and homeless people. What is needed is to reduce the gap between the two, she added. She went on to promote IWB as an NGO which works towards creating social awareness on efficient use of resources, significance of preserving the environment and strive for achieving equality. Following the international movement to make a car free city, IWB succeeded in gaining approval from the Bangladesh government for “Friday No Cars” plan and they wish to take the lead in Bangladesh in that regard.

She also introduced the numerous creative projects under IWB such as “Break the motor chains”, “Revolt against plastics”, “Urban gardening”, and “Carfree cities” through videos created by former IWB interns.

The session was well attended by many students keen on learning about engaging with IWB, together with many of the former interns. Mashiat Sharif, a UG2 student, upon sharing her experience of working with IWB as a summer intern said, “It was an experience of a lifetime. Although there were some challenges posed by the external people while executing the Parklets campaign, we pulled it off really well. This was a diverse and extremely fun experience”. Another intern, Anika Binte Asgar of final year shared that through Camp Rock project she had the opportunity to visit the parliament house in addition to joining an interactive session with the transgender community in Dhaka.

This summer IWB has hired a total of 14 AUW students as interns, making it the top intern recruiter of the year.


The Center for Career Development and International Programs (CDIP) is organizing more engagements this SY 2017-2018 through strategic partnerships, mentorships, leadership & career development workshops and professional exposures, among others. For more information, or to start a partnership with AUW CDIP, email cdip@auw.edu.bd.