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‘The Guardian’ features Pathways to Promise program

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An article in The Guardian by Sarah Lazarus describes the history and future of AUW’s Pathways to Promise, a program dedicated to providing garment workers with a higher-education, including pre-university preparation while they continue to earn their wages.

“The garment factory workers’ university fees are covered by charitable donations, but the AUW requires factory owners to continue to pay wages while the women study,” the article reads. “Their families rely on the income and would not let them attend otherwise. Mowmita Basak, one of the AUW’s first graduates, was given the task of convincing factory owners to agree to these terms and send their employees.”

The article also mentions a few of the workers AUW is teaching, including one student who was working as a quality control inspector at a Dhaka garment factory. “I was the first one to stand up and say, ‘I will apply’” she told the Guardian when she heard about the program.

Read the full article here.