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AUW’s Pathways project featured by Thomas Reuters Foundation

News Date : 25th April,2016

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Thomas Reuters Foundation covered AUW’s Pathways to Promise program in an April 25 article.
Author Nita Bhalla writes:

“Three years on, as experts lament how government, retailers, factory owners and consumers have done little to safeguard workers, a small miracle has emerged from the tragedy and is slowly taking shape in the southeastern corner of the country.

Replacing factory floors for classrooms and swapping sewing machines for computers, 22 female garment workers have ditched their jobs to pursue undergraduate degrees in a first-of-its-kind course at the Asian University for Women (AUW).

Established in the aftermath of the disaster, AUW’s Pathways for Promise programme aims to use higher education to empower women labourers to become leaders and have a stronger voice in shaping the future of Bangladesh’s lucrative garment sector.”

Read the article here.