Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia

Graduate Placements

  • AUW alumnae enter top graduate schools, and secure competitive employment. Here are examples of where our graduates have gone to work and study:

    Accenture (Japan)Across Health (Belgium)BRAC Health, Nutrition and Population Programme (Bangladesh)

    Cambodia-Oxford Medical Research Unit (Cambodia)

    CARE International (Sri Lanka)

    Chevron (Bangladesh)

    Citibank (Bangladesh)

    Chartered Accountancy (India)

    DanChurchAid (Nepal)


    Democracy International (Bangladesh)


    Ford Motor Company (Cambodia)


    International Organization of Migration (Bangladesh)

    Konrad-Adenauer Foundation (Cambodia)

    Korea Eximbank (Bangladesh)

    L’Oréal (Vietnam)

    Medical Action Myanmar (Myanmar)

    Ministry of Counter Narcotics (Afghanistan)

    Ministry of Education – Health and Nutrition Division (Bhutan)

    Ministry of Finance (Bangladesh)

    Office of the First Lady of Afghanistan (Afghanistan)

    Oxfam Australia (Australia)

    Rural Support Programmes Network (Pakistan)



    Shanghai Greenwave Enviro-Tech (China)

    Standard Chartered Bank (Bangladesh)

    Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research (Sweden)

    The Daily Star Newspaper (Bangladesh)

    Trinity College (Ireland)

    Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences (India)

    Unilever (Bangladesh)

    UNIQLO (Bangladesh)

    United Nations Development Programme (Sri Lanka)

    United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Bangladesh)

    World Bank (Bangladesh)

    World Health Organization (Bangladesh)

    Graduate Schools
    American University of Afghanistan (Afghanistan) – M.A. Business AdministrationBrandeis University (USA) – M.A. Sustainable International Development & M.A. Coexistence and ConflictCentral European University (Hungary) – M.S. Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management

    College of Natural Resources (Bhutan) – M.Sc. Natural Resources Management

    Columbia University (USA) – M.A. Journalism

    Dhaka University (Bangladesh) – M.A. Business Administration

    Duke University (USA) – M.A. International Development Policy

    EwhaWomans University (South Korea) –

    ·         Ph.D. Computer Science

    ·         Ph.D. Environmental Science

    ·         Ph.D. Nutritional Sciences

    Goethe Üniversität- Frankfurt am Main (Germany) – M.A. Modern East Asian Studies

    Lund University (Sweden) – M.A. Asian Studies

    Nepal Engineering College Center (Nepal) – M.A. Interdisciplinary Water Resource Management

    New York University (USA) – Ph.D. Epidemiology

    Oxford University (UK) – M.A. Public Policy

    RMIT University (Australia) – M.A. Biotechnology

    Ruhr University (Germany) – M.A. Economics

    SeameoRecfon University (Indonesia) – M.A. Community Nutrition

    SOAS, University of London (UK) – M.Sc. Development Economics

    South Asian University (India) – M.A. Economics & International Relations

    Stanford University (USA) – Ph.D. Earth System Science

    State University of New York at Buffalo (USA) – Ph.D. Cell and Molecular Biology

    SungGongHoe University (South Korea) – M.A. NGO Studies

    TERI University (India) – M.A. Environmental Studies and Resource Management

    Umeå University (Sweden) – M.A. Human Computer Interaction and Social Media

    United Nations University (Japan) – M.Sc. Sustainability

    University of Colombo (Sri Lanka) – M.A. Health Development

    University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany) – M.A. Development and Governance

    University of Guelph (Canada) – M.A. Political Science and International Development

    University of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK) – M.A. Control of Infectious Diseases

    University of Oxford (UK) – M.Sc. Environmental Change and Management

    University of Queensland (Australia) – M.A. Integrated Water Management

    University of Sussex (UK) – M.A. Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology

    University of Trento (Italy) – M.A. Economics & European and International Studies

    University of Tampere (Finland) – M.A. Bioinformatics

    VrijeUniversiteit Brussels (Belgium) – M.Sc. Molecular Biology

    Yonsei University (South Korea) – M.A. International Cooperation


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