Frequently Asked Questions | Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia
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Last date extended for all countries except Bangladesh.

Frequently Asked Questions

ACADEMICS / Academic Registry / Frequently Asked Questions
  • Transcripts

    An official copy of the transcripts will be given to students upon their successful degree completion. Official transcripts include all of a student’s academic history including grades. The official transcripts are printed on secure paper and then officially signed and sealed by the Office of the Registrar. For students who have not graduated, unofficial transcripts can be electronically obtained at no additional cost. For alumnae, there is a fee of BDT 100 for each additional copy of their official transcript. Transcripts that need to be mailed must be paid for by the student/alumnae.


    Add or Change Major

    Students must choose a major in the spring of their UG1 year via the Add or Change Major Form. Students must consult with their Advisor and respective Program Head before submitting the form. Students may not drop their Major unless they are double major and/or they have sufficient credits on their degree plan to obtain an alternate major.


    Add or Change Minor

    Students may choose a minor during or after spring semester of their UG1 year but it is not mandatory. They can drop it from their degree plan anytime. If a minor is chosen, all courses must be completed by the summer of their anticipated graduation year. AUW is not obligated to provide all courses necessary for the minor.


    Add or Drop Course

    All enrolled students are allowed to drop or add courses during the Add/Drop Period each semester. Students must be enrolled for 16-20 credits each full time semester and 4-8 credits for summer semesters.


    Letter Request (Visa)

    Students who need letters to obtain their Bangladeshi visa may e-mail to request it. Letters take 1-2 working days to process.


    Letter Request (Enrollment Verification)

    Students who need a letter verifying their enrollment in the University may e-mail to request it. Letters take 1-2 working days to process.


    Temporary Leave of Absence (Voluntary)

    For a temporary leave of absence, students must write an application detailing why the student will need to take time off and e-mail it to This student should also e-mail or bring in a copy of all documents as evidence for her leave. There will also be a form to fill out and if possible, the student should discuss it with her Advisor prior to sending in the application.


    Withdrawal (Voluntary)

    If a student chooses to end her enrollment with the University, she may fill up the Withdrawal Form. The student will then need to take clearance from each department via a Student Clearance Form. Once all signed forms are submitted, the student will receive a Clearance Certificate. Failure to submit all relevant documents will result on a hold on the student ID.



    Students are issued a diploma only upon their successful completion of all degree requirements. In addition, students must have no outstanding dues with the University. In case your diploma is lost, you will need to file a police report. You must then send a copy of that report in addition to a detailed written application to us. We will then proceed accordingly. Replacing diplomas may take 3-6 working weeks to process.



    Typically foreign students need attestation from their respective Foreign and Education Ministries. Accordingly, Academic Registry prepares a list and sends Transcript and copies of the official Diploma for attestation purposes.


    Temporary Residency (for International students only)

    It is the student’s responsibility to print, sign and submit a copy of any and all forms required by her designated Embassy or equivalent. This may include a form required by the Embassy to keep track of the number of nationals temporarily staying in AUW or Bangladesh.


    Degree Planning

    All students who are beginning their Undergraduate (UG) program must have an Individual Study Plan, based upon the AUW Curriculum and Degree Plan for each Major. This plan works in conjunction with a variety of factors such as major type, expected graduation year, required courses per major and more. The form is meant to be used as a guideline for a student and her advisor to ensure the student graduates within a reasonable timeline.

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