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    Learning and understanding science and mathematics are essential in the liberal arts education framework because it prepares students with the proper mindset and skills to solve, analyze, and understand real life problems. The mission of AUW Science & Math Center (SMC) is to help all the students who have difficulty in solving scientific and mathematical problems in their courses and to provide a safe space among peers for the ease of learning. These students would improve the logical and problem-solving skills that will help them succeed in their respective careers. Such learning support is extra, optional, and non-compulsory and is designed to assist students in developing scientific and mathematical abilities to reach their academic and career-oriented goals.



    The goals for the students who enlist the help of the SMC are as follows:

    • To confidently solve real world applications of their respective major by achieving a better understanding of basic scientific, mathematical and statistical concepts.
    • To enhance quantitative reasoning and literacy.
    • To draw connections between science, math and upper level application courses.
    • To develop soft skills that can be used in the classroom and the workplace.
    • To boost self-confidence.


    How do we provide support?

    • One on one tutoring and Weeklies:

    Students can make multiple appointments in a week with tutors for half an hour to an hour on specific time. They can also walk in with their problems and tutors can help them according to their availability. Weeklies are appointments where a student can make half an hour appointment with a specific peer tutor for a specific time every week in the semester.

    • Workshops:

    We conduct workshops on both general and specific Science/Math related topics. For instance, last year the Center provided a general workshop on ‘’GRE Quantitative part’’ and “Functions and transformation of graphs.” Students are encouraged to suggest us workshop topics. Students also provide feedback for workshops and tutoring. We take suggestions and concerns seriously and try to incorporate them in our teaching pedagogy.


    Opening Hours :

    Sunday-Thursday: 10:00 am – 5:00pm
    Saturday: 1:00 pm – 5:00pm
    Location: G Building, Room – 408
    Contact:Sabrina Wadood, Coordinator ( for more information.


    Academic Coordinator:

    Rubayet Rahman, Senior Lecturer of Mathematics


    Center Coordinator:

    Sabrina H.Wadood


    Peer Tutors:

    1. Rafifa Islam (Computer Science Major)
    2. Linh Boi Ngo (Public Health Major)
    3. Tasfia Kamal (Economics Major)
    4. May Alherek (Environmental Science Major)


    Prof. AKM Mollah, Head of Science and Math Program
    Noman Uddin, Faculty and Senior Lecturer in UG (Mathematics)
    Anjan Debnath, Senior Lecturer of Physics



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