Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia

Economics Major Requirements

  • Economics Major Requirements (10 Courses)

    Students must receive a grade of C- or higher in any course for it to be counted toward the major.  All students must receive a C- or higher in Calculus I before declaring an economics major.

    • Calculus I*
    • Probability and Statistics**

    *Calculus is a prerequisite to for all economics courses.   It may count as part of the core curriculum.

    ** Probability and Statistics is a pre-requisite for econometrics.  It may count as part of the core curriculum.

    • All economics major are required to complete the following five (5) courses
      • Principles of Microeconomics***
      • Principles of Macroeconomics****
      • Intermediate Microeconomics
      • Intermediate Macroeconomics
      • Introduction to Econometrics

    ***Principles of Microeconomics is a prerequisite for all other economics courses

    ****Principles of Macroeconomics is a prerequisite for Intermediate Macroeconomics and Econometrics

    • All economics majors are expected to complete five (5) elective courses from the following:
    • Introduction to Game Theory
    • Development Economics
    • Labor Economics
    • Public Finance
    • History of Economic Thought
    • Time Series Econometrics
    • Managerial Economics
    • Economics of Inequality
    • Growth and Development
    • International Trade
    • Environmental Economics
    • Industrial Organization
    • Monetary Economics
    • Financial Economics
    • Advanced Micro Econometrics
    • Banking and Finance
    • Accounting
    • Research Methodology/Senior Integrative Exercise/Senior Research Seminar

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