Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia

Academic Resources

  • AUW students have a wide range of academic resources to support them during their course of study. Below are just a few of the resources currently available.

    Academic Advising

    All students at AUW receive academic advising support throughout their course of study. Students should work together with their advisers to plan carefully and thoughtfully their schedules and curricula. Students are required to meet formally with their advisers prior to course registration in any given term.

    At the beginning of the academic year, all new Access Academy and new Undergraduate students will be assigned an academic adviser from among the faculty. The adviser will work with the student as she plans her studies through the Access Academy and core curriculum in the first and second UG years.

    Once a student has declared a major course of study she will be assigned an academic adviser in the relevant program by the program Dean. That faculty member will remain the student’s adviser until her graduation and will lead her through her upper-division course of studies. Should an adviser leave AUW, students will be immediately reassigned to a new adviser.

    Students may request assignment to a specific major adviser; but that adviser must approve the addition of the student to his/her advising roster. Requests for specific assignments must be made through Dean of Faculty.


    STUDENT Responsibility

    ADVISOR Responsibility

    Become knowledgeable about your major and its requirements.

    Help your advisee become knowledgeable about their major and its requirements.

    Make and keep an appointment with your advisor at the beginning and middle of each term.

    Be available for appointments with your advisee at the beginning and middle of each term.

    Prepare for your appointment- bring your grade sheets, assignments, etc, as required.

    Help with course selection and check class scheduling. ¬†Confer with faculty teaching the advisees’ courses if required.

    Ask for help when you need it, and in a timely manner.

    Discuss any problems with your advisee and make referrals if required.

    Recognize many of your problems cannot be solved without your action.

    Assist your advisee in deciding on solutions to their problems.

    Make decisions regarding your academic and career goals that are consistent with your interests, abilities and limitations.

    Discuss career goals with your advisee, and assist in making choices at AUW that will help them achieve those goals.

    Create plans to fulfill your goals, and be prepared to review your plans in the future.

    Help your advisee create their plans; review plans and suggest alternatives if required.

    Seek and take advantage of resources to enhance your education and career goals.

    Refer your advisee to appropriate people and information on resources and opportunities.

    Act in an ethical, responsible, and professional manner.

     Act in an ethical, responsible, and professional manner.


    Peer Tutoring Services

    Students who are struggling with their coursework can request a peer tutor through their course instructor. The course instructor will work with the Office of Student Affair’s Work-Study Program to hire a suitable tutor.

    The Writing Center

    The AUW Writing Center works with all writers within the university community at any time during the writing process, providing one-on-one instruction and small-group workshops to enable students to become better writers. Visit The Writing Center’s page for more information.

    The Science and Math Center

    The Science and Math Center offers help to all AUW students who have difficulty in solving mathematical problems in their courses and is a safe space among peers for the ease of learning. Students may improve the logical and problem solving skills that will help them succeed in their respective careers. Such learning support is extra, optional and non-compulsory and is designed to assist students in developing mathematical abilities to reach their academic and career goals.

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