Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia

Grading Policy

  • Letter Grade

    Point Value Percentage




    96.68-100^ Excellent to very good; comprehensive knowledge and understanding of subject matter; marked insight and/or originality










    Good: moderately broad knowledge and understanding of subject matter; noticeable insight and/or originality.










    Satisfactory: reasonable knowledge and understanding of subject matter; some insight and originality.










    Marginal: minimum of knowledge and understanding of subject matter; limited insight and/or originality.









    Less than 60

    Failing: unacceptably low level of knowledge and understanding of subject matter; severely limited insight and/or originality.

    ^These percentages are meant to serve as a guideline. Curves may be used to adjust actual percentages sothat they match the descriptions created for a particular class.


    The letter grade for each course as well as semester and cumulative GPAs will appear on the transcript.

    Symbols Used in Lieu of Grades

    Symbol Explanation
     P / F Pass / Fail: May be used in special courses and situations (some summer programs, courses that involve an internship or other practicum)
     INC Incomplete: (1) Student has substantial equity in the course and (2) is unable to complete course requirements because of circumstances beyond her control. Only faculty members may award grades of INC.
     R Registered in year-long course which does not require a grade at the end of the first term (a possible example, might be a year-long senior thesis)
     NA Not attending: Student is officially enrolled in a course but has not attended or participated in class work (for use at midterm only; not accepted at end of term and not entered on student transcripts).
     W Withdrew from course (with advisor’s written permission) beyond midterm.
     WF Withdrew from course/stopped attending (without permission)


    Calculating (Cumulative) Grade Point Average

    To calculate a (C)GPA, multiply the value of the grade received (point values shown above) by the credit hours for the course. Then add up the total points and divide by the total credits. As an example:

    Course Grade Credits Quality Points
    Course 1:




    Course 2:




    Course 3:




    Course 4:




    Totals: 16



    GPA = total quality points ÷ total credits

    For example, 37.2 ÷ 16 = 2.33 (To calculate your CGPA, just add more courses to the above formula.) Grades of INC, P, and W are excluded from GPA calculation. A grade of WF is included as an ‘F’ grade in GPA calculation. Only grades for courses taken at AUW are factored into a student’s GPA.


    Disputed Final Grades

    If a student believes that her final grade has been unfairly assigned and has substantial evidence to support the grievance, she must first discuss the grade with her instructor. If, after the discussion, the matter remains unresolved, the student may file a formal written statement with a full explanation to the Dean of Faculty by the end of the sixth week of the following term or up to six weeks after grades have been released, whichever is later (Access Academy students should direct their request to the Director of the Access Academy). If the Dean/Director is unable to resolve the dispute, the student may then petition to the Academic Actions Committee9 and request a grade review. This request must be filed within 30 days of the Dean/Director’s decision. The Committee will review the case, confer with the Vice Chancellor, and upon the Vice Chancellor’s approval, their decision shall be final.


    Grade Reports, Transcripts, and Records

    Students can access their term grades/academic record on AUW’s secure website

    ( An email notification will be sent when new grades are added to an academic record.

    All student records are confidential, and information will only be released at the request of the student or an appropriate institution. In order to ensure confidentiality, all requests for transcripts must be submitted in writing and personally signed. Transcripts will only be released when the student has met all financial obligations to AUW. A transcript request should be submitted at least three business days in advance of the date on which it is needed, one week in advance during registration and commencement periods. Once students are awarded their undergraduate degrees from AUW, no changes can be made to their official academic records.


    Honor Roll

    Each semester, a student can make the honor roll list by receiving a GPA of 3.5 or higher as long as she is enrolled in a full-course load (4 courses or 16 credits). This honor will be noted on the student’s official transcript.



    If a student receives an INC grade, the faculty and the student will need to devise a plan for the student to complete the work and the student’s progress will be monitored. Failure to complete the work in the allocated time, within a maximum of six weeks, will result in a grade being assigned based on work completed.


    Repeating Coursework

    For credit/GPA purposes, students may only retake those courses in which they have received grades of C-or lower, if the course is offered and the student does not fall behind in taking other courses required for progression and graduation. All grades earned will remain permanently on the student’s academic record;however, only the grade and credit recorded for the last time the course is repeated are used in the calculation of the cumulative GPA and credits earned. Students should be aware that repeating coursework can affect their progress towards degree completion, which in turn will affect their eligibility to receive financial aid.


    9If an Academic Actions Committee has not formed, then the Dean of Faculty and/or the Director of Access Academy must form a temporary faculty review board to evaluate the case.

    Course Retake

    Students who fail a course are required to retake it when the course if offered again. Students may re-take a course maximum twice. Students who fail a mandatory course on their first retake will be referred to the Academic Actions Committee.


    Transfer Students

    To be eligible for admission to AUW, prospective students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.85 from the transferring institution(s). They must also complete an admissions application and sit for the entrance exam prior to meeting with the Academic Registrar, who is the institutional transfer officer responsible for the initial evaluation.


    Transfer Credits

    Prospective students wishing to transfer to the Asian University for Women (AUW) or current AUW students who plan to study at another institution for a short period of time may request to have their courses and grades evaluated for transfer credit. Below are the procedures.


    Current Students

    Current students who have the opportunity to study at another institution for either a term or an academic year should first request approval from their academic dean for temporary withdrawal from the University. They should also consult their academic advisor that the courses studied will transfer into their core curriculum and/or major at AUW. This request must be made in writing at least two weeks before the start of term. Once approved, the student will be notified of the withdrawal procedures.



    To have courses and grades evaluated for transfer credit, both prospective and current students should first provide an official copy of their transcript to the Office of the Academic Registrar either via email or fax once they are ready to enroll at the University. The Academic Registrar, with the help of relevant academic departments, will then evaluate the transcript(s) to determine if the courses meet the department standards and the number of credits that can be accepted. Only courses with a grade of “C” or better will be considered for transfer credit. To help make a determination, students may need to provide catalog course descriptions and/or course syllabi.


    After the Academic Registrar has evaluated the transcript(s), s/he will schedule a meeting with the student, either in-person or via phone. During this meeting, the Academic Registrar will inform the candidates of acceptable credits.



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