Asian University for Women (AUW): the first regional, liberal arts institution in South Asia


  • The academic program at AUW is designed to provide our students with strong skills in communication, moral reasoning, critical thinking and leadership, as well as specialized knowledge and expertise in a chosen field of study (major).  Most students are admitted into the Access Academy, a one year transitional program that prepares students for undergraduate level study in English.  Our undergraduate program is modeled on the curricula of residential liberal arts colleges in the United States.  It gives students the opportunity to pursue their academic curiosity and study a breadth of subjects in their first years at AUW.  They then can choose a major course of study for their final two years, which allows them to develop expertise in their specialty.

    AUW has a highly qualified faculty.  Most of the Access Academy teachers have experience in teaching English and have an ambitious plan to get Access Academy students to university level English skills over the course of one year.

    The vast majority of undergraduate faculty have terminal degrees in their fields from elite institutions throughout the world.  Most have spent some part of their training in North America, Europe, or Australia and some have experience in liberal arts colleges in the US.  They have developed an exciting curriculum which combines the strengths of traditional subjects with application to the Asian context, which prepares AUW students for their future roles as women leaders in society in their countries or throughout the world.

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