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Position: Inviting Visiting Professors on Sabbatical Leave

Asian University for Women (AUW) invites Professors at all levels from accredited higher education institutions to serve as Visiting Professors at the AUW campus in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Visiting Professors will be responsible for developing and teaching courses at the undergraduate level in any topic related to the instructors’ interest and specialization that conforms to the academic programs at AUW. Visiting Professors may also participate in any of the following based on his or her interests: student research collaboration, faculty mentorship, and student advising. This position which only covers travel and accommodation costs would be ideal for Professors who are on Sabbatical. In the past, AUW has successfully hosted faculty from Stanford, Harvard, Bryn Mawr, Trento, and other institutions.

AUW is a liberal arts institution and home to over 600 students from 15 Asian countries. The University is dedicated to teaching excellence in a liberal arts setting, with a strong commitment to research and scholarly engagement. Further information about AUW is available at

Potential courses to develop and teach:
  1. Economics: Core discipline courses, as well as Banking & Finance, International Banking, International Trade, and topics relevant to the emerging markets of Asia and the Middle East.
  2. Environmental Sciences: Energy & Environment, Hydrology, Water Management, Geology, GIS & Remote Sensing, and Environmental Challenges in Asia and the Middle East.
  3. Political Science: Comparative Politics and International Relations with an emphasis on Asia and the Middle East.
  4. Political Economy or Sociology: Courses with a focus on quantitative research methodologies in social science and relevance to Asia and the Middle East.
  5. Public Health: Global Health Challenges, Biostatistics, Data Analysis, Nutrition for Health, and Regional Challenges in Public Health with a focus on relevance to Asia and the Middle East.
  6. Leadership: Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior, Supply Chain Management, Management Consulting, Business Administration, and Public Policy with a focus on relevance in Asia and the Middle East.
Start Date: Beginning of any term
Duration: Optional. Visiting Professors may teach:

  • A full academic year (August to May);
  • A full semester (August to December or January to May);
  • A full summer terms (May to July);
  • One abridged summer terms (May to June or June to July).
Compensation: No compensation. AUW will cover round-trip international economy class travel and provide local accommodations and transportation.
Language of instruction: English

Interest applicants are asked to please submit a letter of inquiry and CV to Dr. Rosie Bateson, Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs at AUW (

Posted by Asian University For Women on 12th February,2017